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What is our service?

Paper Packaging Carry Bag Brown

Custom Paper Bag

FastPack custom paper bags are made of 100% reused strands and are curb-side recyclable.

Custom paper bags are an affordable and rich choice for your client purchases!

Custom Paper Box

With our custom paper boxes, you’ll choose the color, make a plan together with your possess symbol and have the boxes prepared for utilization rapidly.

We offer free verification to assist you in optimizing your branding for your target advertise and guarantee that the conclusion is precisely what you envisioned.

Rigid Box
types of paper tubes

Custom Paper Tube

Our custom paper tube packaging will include esteem to your items and assist you to stand out from your competition on the retail rack.

Servicing leading businesses, we customize the shape, fashion, and fabric, making your item packaging one of a kind.

How to Customize Your Packaging Solution

We have everything you need, whether you’re just getting started in the company and require small amounts or you’re a well-known force in the industry wanting to upgrade to a premium packaging solution provider.


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Get an instant quote on indeed the foremost complicated packaging ventures.


Making Samples

Get rapidly from thought to wrapped-up design with professionally made and editable layouts.


Mass Production

We accommodate demands, values, and standards, from test orders to substantial wholesale purchases.

Why Choose Us

Our adaptable provider facility and building team put inventiveness and client benefit, to begin with.

Over 15 decades of encounters and arrangements make us a recognized pioneer in custom-designed and nonessential packaging.

24/7 Customer service

Get excellent client benefits anytime you wish it. Whether you’re having inconveniences together with your purchase or require offer assistance together with your packaging solution, we’ll be there.

Team Professionals

Our team is centered and works together to tackle packaging issues essentially and proficiently.


Quality Designing, Quality Customer Service, & Quality Production; combine to supply extraordinary quality and client involvement.

Lead Delivery Time

Being in control of numerous perspectives within the packaging solution, able to enhance the packaging and thus ensure more-competitive conveyance and lead times.

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