10 Best Coated Paper Manufacturer of 2023

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The coated paper includes a shiny, master touch to magazines and other distributions of this nature. Since coated paper isn’t absorbent, it stands up to stains and dampness and employments less ink while printing. The design shows up sharp since the ink does not enter the paper, or maybe, it sits on the beat of it.
List of Coated Paper Companies in 2023

Coated Paper Market Overview

Coated paper showcase estimate will reach $60.1 billion by 2026, after developing at a CAGR of 3.4% amid 2021-2026. The coating fabric combines a few chemicals and added substances, such as gums and dispersants. The developing impact of media advertisements, such as daily papers, magazines, brochures, and catalogs, additionally fuels the request for merchandise. The inclination towards creative and naturally neighborly bundling has driven the rise of bio-degradable bundling arrangements that serve as a critical driver for the coated paper industry amid the estimated period.

List of Coated Paper Companies in 2023

We have listed different coated paper suppliers offering high-grade paper products for your needs.

NADCO Coated Paper

NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc.’s capabilities are restricted to their customers’ creative ability. Not as it had, we have been recognized as a fantastic company for its tapes and names, but they are the finest mystery in the name industry nowadays. They offer custom labeling to incorporate company logos with customized content.
NADCO’s distribution center is 35,000 square feet, with a vast supply of quality stock. It can fabricate tapes and name items up to 20″ comprehensive and print 4-color prepare or up to 7 spot colors. They are the primary Florida label provider and UL-authorized name provider. Customization is their specialty! They carry vinyl, film, cloth, channel tapes, metal thwarts, paper tapes and names, tall execution items, double-coated items, pipe markers, dabs/bolts, and security items.

NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc. Homepage: https://www.nadco-inc.com/
About NADCO: https://www.nadco-inc.com/about/
NADCO Services: https://www.nadco-inc.com/our-roll-in-your-world/
NADCO Products: https://press-sensitive-tapes-labels.nadco-inc.com/category/all-categories
Materials: https://press-sensitive-tapes-labels.nadco-inc.com/category/materials
Industries Served: https://www.nadco-inc.com/personal-protective-equipment/

Products Offered:
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
NADCO® Tapes & Labels, Inc.1988
Rena’ Doniger

Associated Bag Coated Paper

A family-owned trade since its establishment in Milwaukee in 1938, Related Pack takes after the Brilliant Run show, treating the clients how we would like to be treated. They see persistently astonish and charm the businesses they work with by giving administrations like free tests of most of the things we carry’ making beyond any doubt our item may be a culminate fit. And if their things need to meet their customers needs more precisely, they can regularly work with them to make a custom item that will. Its 6-month site ensures it is unequaled in its industry, giving its clients the adaptability to arrange at whatever point the time is best for them.

Associated Bag Homepage: https://www.associatedbag.com/Default.aspx
About Associated Bag: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=AboutUs.html
Coated Paper: https://www.associatedbag.com/Search.aspx?criteria=COATED+PAPER
Ordering Services: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=OrderingServices.html
Product Information: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=Products.html
Catalog: https://www.associatedbag.com/DisplayPage.aspx?Page=FreeCatalog.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Associated Bag1938MilwaukeeHerb Rubenstein

Griff Coated Paper

Griff is an ISO 9001:2015 certified producer and wholesaler with a broad portfolio of paper and plastic items. They are a family-operated commerce that takes pride in our hands-on approach to fabricating and changing over. Found in Fallsington, Dad, Griff claims and works in three offices. The combined space of its offices is around 150,000 square feet.
At The Griff Network, they are committed to making a difference for their clients by creating inventive items that fathom application challenges. Built up in 1977, their group of qualified experts points to back inquiry about and fabricating advancement. Its clients run from start-ups to huge organizations. Its commitment to its clients has kept developing, driving the development of three fabric offices adjusting clients worldwide.

Griff Paper & Film Homepage: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/
About Griff Paper & Film: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/about/
Industries Served: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/ournetwork/
Products: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/products/
Services: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/services/
Resources: https://www.thegriffnetwork.com/resources/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
The Griff Network1977Fallsington, PennsylvaniaMichael Trapp

DS Smith Coated Paper

DS Smith could be a driving supplier of feasible bundling arrangements, paper items, and reusing administrations worldwide. Over the past 80 years, their organization has developed drastically, as have its administrations and regions of skill.
The Smith Group is one of the biggest companies recorded on the London Stock Trade. Their story can be followed back to the box-making commerce the Smith Family began in East London in the 1940s. They are glad of the advance they have made and the development we have accomplished in their chosen markets. The firm currently works in more than 30 diverse nations, utilizing over 30,000 individuals. It’s much appreciated to the aptitudes and information of its representatives that they can supply its clients with crucial back over their whole bundling Supply Cycle.

DS Smith Homepage: https://www.dssmith.com/
About DS Smith: https://www.dssmith.com/company/our-company
Paper Products: https://www.dssmith.com/products-services/paper-products
Packaging Solutions: https://www.dssmith.com/products-services/packaging-solutions
Industries Served: https://www.dssmith.com/products-services/packaging-solutions/industries
Coated Papers: https://www.dssmith.com/products-services/paper-products/our-paper-products/coated-papers

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
 DS Smith1940United KingdomMiles W. Roberts

PG Coated Paper

Built-in 2003, PG Paper is an award-winning company based in Scotland, UK., Made and driven by our CEO Poonam Gupta OBE and Puneet Gupta. The company has solid values and morals, crucial to its development and victory as conducting worldwide paper commerce.
PG Paper Company could be a worldwide, award-winning company, making markets and tweaking arrangements to empower the exchange of paper and bundling items all over the globe. Now built up as one of Scotland’s biggest exchange companies, they offer an all-encompassing and coordinated benefit through its energetic master groups worldwide.
It looks for unused, ongoing openings that offer a win-win circumstance to their accomplices and clients. Its nearby information, multilingual capacities, and understanding of the numerous paper grades they work with guarantees that it can offer paper for elective and imaginative employments over its markets.

PG Paper Company Homepage: https://www.pgpaper.com/
About PG Paper Company: https://www.pgpaper.com/about/
Products: https://www.pgpaper.com/products/
Stock Offers: https://www.pgpaper.com/stock-listings/
Testimonials: https://www.pgpaper.com/testimonials/
Specialty Paper: https://www.pgpaper.com/products/speciality-tissue/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
PG Paper Company2003Scottland, United KingdomPuneet Gupta

Golden Coated Paper

Golden Paper Company Limited was built with Hong Kong headquarters, a universal exchange, financing, and a shipping center. The commerce of Golden Paper Company Limited covers mash, paper, and paper items. The Golden Paper (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Qingdao Golden Paper Co., Ltd, and Nanchang golden paper Co., Ltd. Specialize in the paper industry.
Golden Paper primarily offers duplicate paper, woodfree balanced paper/bond paper, c2s craftsmanship paper/coated paper, and so on. Golden Paper in Shanghai, Qingdao, Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Wuhan, Nanjing, Nanchang, and other capital cities had set up a dealer’s office and set up a broad showcase organization and deals channel. For worldwide trade, Brilliant Paper works closely with Hong Kong headquarters, dealing with the subtle elements of mash-bringing and paper trading.

Golden Paper Company Limited Homepage: https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/
About Golden Paper Ltd. https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/about-us/
Products: https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/products/
News: https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/news/
Contact: https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/contact-us/
Lightweight Coated Paper: https://www.goldenpapergroup.com/light-weight-coated-paper/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Golden Paper Company Limited
Hong Kong
Dora Deng

Plastic Coated Papers Inc

Plastic Coated Papers, Inc. is an employee-owned and worked-for company with the esteem of excellent quality items and top-notch benefits. The company works with its clients to customize things to fit their needs. From tough coated paper to centers and mailing tubes, there’s not a single item they fabricate that they do not completely stand behind. Its products center on dampness and oil and oil-safe boundaries for the bundling industry, counting development and nourishment contact-related things. They are exceptionally glad of its notoriety, crossing over 33 long times working with residential and non-domestic clients.
As a custom expulsion company based in Pensacola, FL, they are devoted to giving its neighborhood and worldwide markets high-quality Poly coated items that culminate in nourishment benefits, development, and other businesses.

Plastic Coated Papers, Inc Homepage: https://www.polycoated.com/
About Plastic Coated Papers, Inc.: https://www.polycoated.com/
Products: https://www.polycoated.com/laminated-products.html
Contact: https://www.polycoated.com/contact.html

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Plastic Coated Papers, Inc.1986FloridaDavid Pitts

Dunn Coated Paper

Dunn Paper is a specialty paper producer and converter centered on eco-friendly “specialty” paper, the exterior of printing and composing review. They work with beat converters and brands all over North America, making inventively feasible paper items with thousands of potential applications.
Dunn has been a pioneer within the paper industry since the firm opened its, to begin with, paper process in 1924. Thanks to the legacy cleared out by its authors, George, and Theodore Dunn, their forte paper company, has effectively extended to incorporate seven paper plants throughout the USA and Canada. Dunn Paper has kept its position as a trusted discount paper provider, flourishing, developing, and making some of North America’s finest maintainable paper and tissue items.

Dunn Paper Homepage: https://dunnpaper.com/
About Dunn Paper: https://dunnpaper.com/about-us/
Dunn Paper Products: https://dunnpaper.com/our-products/
Technology: https://dunnpaper.com/technology/
Industries: https://dunnpaper.com/industries/
Sustainability: https://dunnpaper.com/sustainability/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Dunn Paper1924North AmericaWade Kemnitz

The Coated Paper Mill Store

Since 2004, experts and professionals have relied on The Paper Mill Store to deliver exceptional papers at enormous prices, dispatched quickly and safely. They have corporate offices in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, a legal presence in Naples, Florida, and a cutting-edge 72,000-square-foot converting and distribution center in Neenah, Wisconsin, in the heart of the “Paper Valley.”The Paper Process Store offers the most significant determination of forte paper, card stock, and envelopes for paper devotees and illustrations experts in reams, boxes, or bulk, from the best paper plants, dispatched from our Paper Valley Wisconsin distribution center. With decades of encounter within the paper industry, beneficiary collaboration and consideration to detail ensures quality and polished skill in all they do.

The Paper Mill Store Homepage: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/
About The Paper Mill Store: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/about-us
Paper Products: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/paper
Card Stock: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/card-stock
Envelopes: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/envelopes
Services: https://www.thepapermillstore.com/finishing-services

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
The Paper Mill Store2004FloridaBrian Cowie

Rung Rojana Coated Paper Co., Ltd.

RUNG ROJANA PAPER CO., LTD. could be a Thailand-based paper trading and dispersing company that has been working with distinctive paper brands all over the world. The company’s vision is to create an inventive future ahead with appropriate utilization of paper near sustainability. They are advertising its incite administrations in various nations and utilizing the greatest assets to boost efficiency.
They point to conveying excellent quality duplicate papers to clients without influencing their work. They are a dependable office that decided to diminish the taken toll of items and increment the quality. With them, clients get the affirmation of commendable administrations, which come in exceptional printouts.

Rung Rojana Paper Co. Ltd Homepage: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/
About Rung Rojana Paper Co. Ltd: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/about-us/
A4 Paper: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/product-category/a4-paper/
Other paper: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/product-category/other-paper/
Contact: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/contact-us/
Coated Book Stock: https://rungrojanapapercoltd.com/product/coated-book-stock-for-sale-and-suppliers-in-Thailand/

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Rung Rojana Paper Co. Ltd2003ThailandRUNG ROJANA

What is coated paper?

Coated paper has been given a finishing coat or layer to improve the finish and printability. Depending on how much coating is used, coated papers are categorized. These include art papers and papers with light, medium, and heavy layers.

Different Types of Coated Paper

They vary in composition, plan, and purpose in expansion to weight and thickness. Everyone gives interesting plan choices they can utilize for their print. You’ll be able to use a wide assortment of papers for your ventures. Each variety is exciting in its way as a result.

Gloss-coated paper

Gloss-coated paper underpins high differentiation and a more extensive color extent than other sorts of paper. It lends a “pop” to color pictures printed on it that doesn’t happen on uncoated papers. It can, in any case, show glare, which makes any content harder to study. It is sparkly and regularly utilized for showcasing materials and magazines with a parcel of color pictures.

Dull-coated paper

A dull-coated paper may be a superior choice when pictures and content are vital in a print work. The decreased glare on the dull-coated paper makes the content simple, whereas the coated surface conveys a smooth, high-quality base for picture generation. It is a much better choice when pictures and content are both imperative in a print work.

Matte-coated paper

Compared to gloom coated, it may be small lighter to the touch, and less glossy than matte paper. From a quality angle, it is the slightest premium of the coated stocks, and it is, as a rule, the slightest costly as a result.

Cast-coated paper

Super-shiny paper. The surface is prevalent for the propagation of pictures and is perfect for a pass-on cutting. In any case, the overwhelming coating tends to break, so it isn’t suggested that any printed piece must overlap. The paper is harder to work with and is impressively more costly than other coated papers.

Silk Coated Paper

Silk-coated paper is the medium between gleam and matte coated. It’s an excellent coated paper for printing. It has the smooth feel of shiny paper but without sparkle. It’s made with official silk strands, creating a very luxurious feel. As magazines are commonly perused utilizing electric light, gleam-coated paper can, in some cases, be troublesome to examine due to the glare caused by its brilliance. Silk-coated paper dodges this but still carries the premium feel that gloss-coated paper can have.

Paper Coating Types

An excellent paper coating secures your printed materials and gives them a special touch. To protect them, consider utilizing defensive layers, like covers. Numerous diverse coatings are accessible, so you wish to know which suits your needs best.

Varnish Coating

Varnish coatings are utilized broadly since of their moo-fetched and ease of application. They are accessible in glossy silk, sparkle, and gloomy wraps and are connected like ink. Printers must handle these varnishes carefully to control the discharge of dangerously unstable compounds.

UV Coating

To ensure your printed showcasing materials, consider UV coating. A roller, cover, or screen is utilized to apply UV coatings and, afterward, uncovered to bright light to solidify the coating. Printers, converters, or finishers connect such layers in-line and offline.

Aqueous Coating

Aqueous coating is idealized for ensuring printed materials from fingerprints and smears. It is nature-inviting and includes a fabulous sparkle to printed materials. In Toronto, trade proprietors utilize it for print promoting to form a positive brand picture. Fluid coatings come in gleam and gloomy wraps up to limit ink presentation to the discussion.

Laminate Coating

The laminate coating is accessible in film and water-based shapes in various surfaces and colors. Printers utilize the slenderest ones for printed things to be rolled or collapsed. The cover is connected to one or both sides to make the printed fabric waterproof.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Coated Paper

The choice of paper has more of an effect on the ultimate item than you might think. For illustration, choosing coated paper might make for a cleaner image, but uncoated paper could be superior for utilization as stationery. Here’s what to consider when choosing coated vs. uncoated paper.

First Impression

If you need to recommend extravagance, utilize premium paper and consider employing a strength paper such as metallic or glowing. If you are a non-profit organization inquiring about monetary back, remain absent from premium paper to communicate that your organization is well-off fiscally.


The uncoated paper contains a non-glare surface and effortlessly retains ink. It’s the finest choice for items such as envelopes, stationery, cheap fliers, and pamphlets. Coated paper is secured with a manufactured polymer to show content and pictures clearly.

Longer Life expectancy

Showcasing brochures, catalogs, and yearly reports have a longer life expectancy than fliers or other coordinated showcasing pieces. The longer the life expectancy, the higher quality paper ought to be utilized for these pieces of promoting fabric.


Paper thickness measures how numerous hundredths of an inch thick a single sheet of paper is. Most trade cards are printed on 12pt or 14pt paper. More often than not, commerce cards, hang labels, entryway holders, and bookmarks are printed on thick paper.


Paper comes in diverse weights and is measured in GSM (grams per square meter) or Premise Weight (lbs per standard measurement and sheet number). By and large, the thicker the paper, the higher the quality and the higher the price.


Coated paper has been secured with a solidified clay fabric so that it’ll be superior to show content and pictures with more sharp detail and denser color. The expanding request for coated papers within the showcase is wild. Various firms offer diverse varieties of coated papers to select. As a buyer, you ought to choose what’s best for your needs without compromising its quality.

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