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FastPack could be a leading cardboard core, cardboard tube, and paper tube manufacturer. We have approximately quality as well as effectiveness. We utilize progressed, devoted generation lines and ISO certified for quality management.

Cardboard tube manufacturers can fit a wide range of items and are made in several levels of essential quality and thickness, depending on the level of assurance required. Most commonly used for mailing and shipping tubes, cardboard tubes are promptly accessible for papers, blurbs, records, and art pieces, which can roll into a round and hollow shape.

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Cardboard tubes, moreover known as paper tubes, give a one-of-a-kind way to package items in circular packaging rather than the standard square box. Compared to rigid boxes, cardboard tubes are fixed and are the perfect choice for round, hollow, or circular items.
Carpet tube

Carpet tube

Paper lip balm tube

Paper lip balm tube

Paper towel tube

Paper towel tube

Paper tube

Paper tube

Shipping tubes

Shipping tubes

Cardboard shaker tube

Cardboard shaker tube

Wine glass bottles paper tube

Wine glass bottles

Vape bottles paper tube

Vape bottles

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We are one of the leading cardboard tube suppliers within the industry, trusted by over a million company clients. Whether you’re trying to find paper packaging, paper center, or carpet tube, FastPack offers a custom-fitted plan.

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We point to recognize new and specialty markets for cardboard tubes and have earned notoriety as the best cardboard tube manufacturer for undertaking the unordinary. Call us to examine any utilization questions you’ve got. Our profoundly prepared staff have a riches of encounters to share.
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We offer this product in various sizes and thicknesses to our customers. In addition, we offer marketed cardboard tubes to our valued customers at nominal prices.

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Advantages of Our Cardboard Tube

These cardboard cylinder tubes are made of solid kraft paper and have rugged thickness dividers that can withstand pulverizing and won’t distort to keep your item secure and stuffed inside. They can be used as mailing or postal tube boxes and defend the interior through shipment.​


Eco-friendly, not as it were, cuts your natural effect and carbon emanations. It also includes a long-term advantage since the pressing materials are recyclable after they have served their work.

Safe and Durable

Durable and Flexible

Environmentally-friendly packaging is versatile and may be reused in nearly every enormous industry that bargains with bundling. Anything you need to pack, from nourishments to electronic items, there will be an eco-friendly way to fulfill your needs and spare you cash.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Lesser Shipping Costs

Cutting transportation costs diminishes the number of crude materials fundamental to wrapping your things, and fewer packaging materials rise to less exertion.


Saves Money

Paper shredders are a fantastic way to viably oversee any squandered packaging, permitting it to biodegrade impressively more rapidly. If you would like to shred expansive sums of squandered packaging rapidly, mechanical shredders are a superb elective.

Convenient for customers

Increases Customer Base

Different worldwide investigations show that the mindfulness of feasible eco-friendly items is expanding daily. Individuals lean toward eco-friendly and economical choices when it comes to obtaining inclinations.

High Customization

Easy and Quick Disposal

You'll be able to utilize an assortment of packaging, which should either be recyclable or reusable. You'll be able indeed to reuse the disposed bundling fabric into fertilizer. If the material is named biodegradable, it can be hurled into your junk canister to be reused.

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Optional types of Cardboard Tube

This sort of cardboard tube for materials has a predominant resistance, which withstands the high compressions determined by the fabricate of the material.
Safe for long-distance transit
Lightweight product
Durability and Stability

Benefits of Cardboard Tube

In case you’ll infer the most excellent benefits once you begin utilizing cardboard tubes from the house of the branded manufacturer.
Environmentally friendly products
Highly flexible
Reusable products
Packaging safety

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