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We at FastPack manufacture and supply all sorts of carpet tubes, from thick and robust to the most slender.

You’ll get carpet cores, material, vinyl, and counterfeit grass tubes in various lengths and thicknesses for the foremost expensive carpets made from silk, fleece, and fiber, bespoke to the top conservative but hard-wearing polyester.

Carpet tubes are cylinder-shaped posts made with cardboard onto which the carpet roll tubes. This keeps the carpets intact. The tubes are made from reused, capably sourced cardboard and come in different shapes and sizes.

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Explore All Custom Carpet tube Styles

FastPack offers a wide variety of specifications for your carpet tube. Our top-notch quality carpet tubes will honestly give high-end rolls for your products. If your company intends to do or do anything from below, then FastPack is your best choice.
Paper Core for Material Rolls

Material Rolls

paper core for Paper towel roll

Textile Tubes

Paper Core for Geotextile Non-Woven

Geotextile Non-Woven

Paper Core for Sign Vinyl And Wraps

Sign Vinyl And Wraps

High-Performance Core

High-Performance Core

Paper Core for Material Packaging

Material Packaging

Make Business Easy
We are one of the best carpet tube providers in the industry, trusted by over 1000 company users. Whether you’re looking for paper packaging, cardboard carpet tube, or carpet tube, FastPack has custom fitted design and offer for you.

Partners you can rely on

Our custom carpet tube has its competitive advantages. As one of the leading manufacturers/providers, FastPack can be in one of the industry’s standards in the said field. Given its premium quality outputs and 100% positive consumer response.
Sace Your Time

With FastPack's services, you can save precious time contemplating the best-suited cores for your product. Because here at FastPack, our team of experts will help you by assessing your particular need and providing you with the best possible solution.

Sace Your Cost

Say goodbye to costly cores and say hello to durable, quality, and yet affordable carpet tubes for your products. FastPack offers a premium quality product with the most competitive prices.

One stop solution

FastPack is a one-stop solution company, for we provide everything you need. From paper packaging, core, custom boxes, printing papers, poly mailers, and carpet tubes. Together with our team of experts and advanced manufacturing procedures, we assure you to provide the best quality product and support you deserve.

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Advantages of Our Carpet Tube

You often wonder why your carpet looks different in stores and in your home. One of the main reasons behind it is the quality of cores used for it. Most of you suffer from misshaped carpets because of shipments or transportation and ask why. Well, retailers often give their consumers different cores considering their stocks are in the best carpet tubes. And below are the advantages you get in having or using quality carpet tubes for your products as a provider.

Environmental Friendly

Carpet tubes or cores are made up of recycled paper turned into sturdy and thick cardboard.

High Customization

different designs, lengths & color

With FastPack, you can custom-fit your product with your desired carpet cover considering the factors and specifications you provided.

Safe and Durable

Our Tube our Safe and Durable

Our premium quality carpet tube ensures supreme reliability and durability, protection, and firmness of your product.

High Customization

Highly Customizable

Packaging and securing your product has a significant impact on your brand. So having your carpet tube customized is highly recommendable and a sure thumbs up for your company's future.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Easy to Transport and Lightweight

FastPack carpet tube is easy to transport and lightweight, for it is scientifically engineered and formed accordingly with those aspects to consider.


Reliable Carpet Tube

Given the experience and the name made by FastPack in the industry, we ensure to give the best quality carpet tubes.

Get custom Carpet Tube the way you like

Optional types of Carpet tube

Carpet tube has a wide range of functions, from shipping, fabrication, carpet tube crafts, construction, etc. Below are the only vital types of carpet tubes in our industry.
Carpet Tube for Carpet
Carpet Tube for Roofing
Carpet Tube for Vynil Flooring
Carpet Tube for Textile Industry

Benefits of Carpet tube

FastPack is a leading carpet tube provider with millions of users worldwide. It is continuously enjoyed and trusted by our users because of its significant benefits.
Durable and Reliable

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