Shopping Bag Manufacturers 2022

Shopping bags are widely distributed and circulating in our market because they have become one of the main marketing assets of businesses that offer products. Shopping bags are used as product storage or hand-carry bags by companies in clothing, medicine, printing, and other industries. This demand boosts the morale of manufacturers and starts to offer a wide range of varieties of shopping bags that now can be seen circulating globally.
Shopping bags are medium-sized bags used by shoppers to carry home their purchases. These shopping bags can be single-use disposable shopping bags or reusable ones. Reusable shopping bags are often offered now by big supermarkets due to some plastic restrictions in their cities.
Shopping bags can be small to large bags with handles that are usually made of paper, plastic, cloth, or recycled materials depending on usage or application. These bags usually tote bag style with handles for carrying. This kind of bag is now can be seen in supermarkets, bookstores, fashion shops, and other businesses that place their goods in shopping bags.
Shopping Bag Manufacturers 2022

Shopping Bags Market Overview

Shopping bags are extremely useful for individuals in their shopping activities. Companies nowadays are focusing on developing high-quality bags to give a luxury and convenient shopping experience to all people. The US itself has a consumption expenditure of 5.1% increase in 2018 over a 2017 expenditure of 4.4. This states the rapid increase in demand for shopping bags in just a short period of time. Giving them a value of USD 96 billion in 2018. In Asia, China, and India market analysis recorded a value of 9.3% jump in the third quarter of 2018 consumption amounting to USD 3.9 billion in value.

Leading Manufacturer of Shopping Bags

Below are some of the leading shopping bag manufacturers you can browse and check:

RediBag Shopping Bags

RediBag USA is a privately-owned company that offers plastic and paper products to all industries like grocery, restaurant, dry cleaner, and industrial market segments. They have been providing the best quality shopping bags on the market since the late 1950s and produced over 56 million pounds of shopping bags since 2019.
RediBag is an eco-friendly company that pushes environmental agendas while providing quality shopping bags to the market. They provide a comprehensive lineup of plastic and paper products with the most user-friendly and reliable processes at the most competitive market price.

Redi Bag USA Official Website:
RediBag USA Reusable Shopping Bag:
About RediBag USA:
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Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
RediBag USA
Long Island New York
Jeffrey Rabiea

Lotus Sustainable Shopping Bags

Lotus Sustainable is on a mission to eliminate plastics from shopping activities. They are one of the leading sustainable shopping bag manufacturers in the market. They make every bag with the quality and durability that will ensure it lives long. Lotus products have eco-friendly materials and resources, durable and long-life guarantee, are machine washable and can be used over 100 times, and typically do not add to our planet’s plastic pollution. Lotus is also compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 140001. They are also a company that ensures the standards and occupational health and safety of all its workers. They continually strive to build quality products to spread their eco-friendly agenda and give convenience to their consumers.

Lotus Sustainable Official Website:
Lotus Shopping Reusable Trolley shopping bags:
About Lotus Sustainable:
Lotus Sustainable Shop:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Lotus Sustainable
Carlsbad, California, United States
Farzan Dehmoubed

Eco-Bags Shopping Bags

Eco-Bags Products has a mission to offer thoughtful, ethical, and sustainably sourced, durable-reusable shopping bags that allow people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world. They are passionate about pursuing a greener world and a future for everyone. Their company’s core phrases are “Leave no trace” and “Do no harm”, which apply to all their product manufacturing processes.
They have been in the industry for over 30 years. Eco-Bags continue to provide quality custom shopping bags at great prices. Their shopping bag manufacturer also ventured out to string bags which are lightweight and made up of expandable cotton net bags. They provide shopping bags to various consumers, from single users or retailers to wholesalers. Eco-Bags also accepts custom prints and made-to-order shopping bags from small to large brands.
EcoBags Official Website:
EcoBags Shopping Bags:
Company Story and Info:
EcoBags Produce Bags:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Briarcliff Manor, NY
Sharon Rowe

ToteBagFactory Bags

ToteBag Factory was founded to serve and give convenience to all its consumers. They produce a wide variety of shopping bag customization from printing, size, and color, to the material used. They offer quality items for wholesale price. They commit to only producing quality guarantee shopping bags that will surely be loved by their consumers.
ToteBag Factory also gives extra effort to their live customer service because they know that it is also a key thing for smooth client-consumer transactions and also helps them to continually innovate their products. They offer a wide range of quality services focusing on the customization of bags inlined with the specifications you need for your brand.

ToteBag Factory Official Site:
ToteBag Factory Shopping Bags:
About Us:
Wholesale Cotton Shopping Bags:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Trask Ave, Garden Grove, CA
Selcuk Demirci

Bagbarn Shopping Bags

Bagbarn is a bag company that focuses on largescale custom bag orders in all types of industries. They carry stocks and custom bags in varying materials and sizes. Bagbarn designs all multi-purpose bags you can think of. They offer die-cut bags, plastic retail bags, stock poly bags, wicketed bags, ice bags, t-shirt bags, and custom shopping bags.
Bagbarn commits to producing quality products with them in mind the environmental aspects they are dealing with in manufacturing bags. Bagbarn ensures that all their bags produced are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Bagbarn Official Website:
Bagbarn Shopping Bags:
About Bagbarn:
Bagbarn custom Bags:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Madison, IN, USA
Barry Stormer

Earthwise Shopping Bags

Earthwise is a leading supplier of shopping bags in the market since 2005. They observed the increase in plastic pollution among their locals in Los Angeles mostly in shopping activities. They developed a program of lightweight, durable, safe, and non-toxic reusable shopping bags along with sturdy, metal display racks. As they offered their shopping bags with eco-friendly and reusable features, the grocery retailers in their locals responded and gradually, little by little eliminates plastic usage in stores.
Their full line of products includes shopping bags, collapsible boxes, tote bags, multiuse totes, insulated bags, and wine totes which are produced with features and functionality that greatly help their consumers.

Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. Official Website:
Earthwise Reusable Shopping Bags:
About Earthwise:
Learn about Earthwise Sustainability Information:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Los Angeles
Stanley Joffe

Green Bag Shopping Bags

Green Bag has over 12 years of experience and expertise in the reusable shopping bag manufacturing industry. They commit to designing and developing custom commercial solutions to the biggest social and environmental problem, the improper usage, disposal, and recycling of plastic bags. Green Bag guides all its consumers in commercial development with proper solutions inlined with environmental protection. Since the day they started, they already helped eliminate over 500 billion single-use shopping bags and are able to enhance their communities’ way of life through measurable improvements to their environments.

Green Bag Official Website:
Green Bag Reusable Shopping Bags:
Green Bag Social Responsibility:
Green Bag Custom Reusable Shopping Bags:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Green Bag
San Francisco, CA
Bernat Pons

VICBAG Shopping Bags

SUPER BAG is Vickbag’s first-ever eco-friendly reusable shopping bag. Their company becomes the world’s market leader for reusable carrier bags. With their global presence, they are the major supplier/distributor of reusable shopping bags in the supermarket chain. They produce over 120 million shopping bags yearly with an extensive range of high-quality materials for their products. VICBAG developed exclusive partnerships with the best manufacturers in the world like Walmarts, Universal, Marvel, and many more, and helped them to respond efficiently to their global consumers. VICBAG has been contributing worldwide help to reducing plastic usage and is a top provider of quality shopping bags in the market.

VICBAG Group Official Website:
VICBAG Reusable Shopping Bags:
VICBAG Production:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Miami Florida

Associated Bag Shopping Bags

Associated Bags is a packaging and shipping product manufacturer with years of experience and expertise in this industry. They offer a wide range of products from boxes, to envelopes, to mailers, to containers, to custom shopping bags. They offer same-day delivery in many areas in the US and offer two-day deliveries for locations near their distributors.
Associated Bag Official Website:
Associated Bags Shopping Bags:
About Associated Bags:
Custom Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Associated Bag
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Herb Rubenstein

Raj Packaging Shopping Bags

Raj packaging was established in the year 1997, it is locked in the manufacturing Non-Woven Sacks, Jute Bags, Canvas Bags, Cotton Bags, and Shopping Bags. They are engaged benefit giving Non-Woven Bag Printing Services. Raj Packaging was founded by Mr. Bhavesh Shah, they have been able to pick up a momentous position in this space. Owing to his fabulous management aptitudes, they have been able to cater to the requirements of our profitable clients in the most productive way.
Their organization contains a firm conviction that the victory of an organization is basically inferable to its workforce, hence it is have employed a bunch of constant and able experts. To meet the diverse client’s needs in full flawlessness, all of their team members keep up the sound discourse with their clients for discovering their correct needs.
Raj Packaging Official Website:
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About Raj Packaging:
Raj Packaging Products and Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Raj Packaging
Mumbai, Maharashtra India
Mr. Bhavesh Shah

What is Shopping Bag

Shopping bags are medium-sized bags used by shoppers to carry home their purchases. These shopping bags can be single-use disposable shopping bags or reusable ones. Reusable shopping bags are often offered now by big supermarkets due to some plastic restrictions in their cities. Shopping bags can be small to large bags with handles that are usually made of paper, plastic, cloth, or recycled materials depending on usage or application. These bags usually tote bag style with handles for carrying. This kind of bag is now can be seen in supermarkets, bookstores, fashion shops, and other businesses that place their goods in shopping bags.

Types of Shopping Bags

Shopping bags come in different types depending on the company’s wants and product specifications. Here are the common types of shopping bags visible in our day-to-day living:

Paper Shopping Bags

Paper bags are shopping bags made up of paper. These bags can be constructed with either virgin or recycled fibers. Paper bags are commonly used as shopping carrier bags and for packaging some consumer goods. This kind of bag carries a wide range of products from groceries, clothing, toiletries, electronics, glass bottles, and other various goods.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags are types of bags made up of thin, flexible, plastic film, nonwoven fabric, or plastic textile. These bags are usually used for transporting and containing goods. It has lightweight material that makes it convenient for other users.


Reusable Shopping Bags

A reusable shopping bag is a type of shopping bag that can be reused many times. Unlike single-use paper and plastic shopping bags, this kind of shopping bag serves users long spans because of its reusability and durability. Often made up of premium quality plastics, fabrics, canvas, and other recycled material that dives long-lasting forms.

Biodegradable Shopping Bags

Biodegradable shopping bags are also called compostable bags. This kind of bag is able to decompose with bacteria or other living organisms, which makes it eco-friendly. Biodegradable shopping bags undergo biological composition in a compost site because they break down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compound, and biomass.

Material Used for Manufacturing Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags have different types and every type of it is contracted of different materials. This material dictates the usability and durability of shopping bags. Below are the commonly used materials in manufacturing shopping bags. Paper is one of the common materials used for shopping bag manufacturing. Paper shopping bags, brown paper bags, and grocery bags are light-duty bags made up of a single layer of paper. This kind of material is best for custom-printed branding ideas.

Fabric or Canvas

Shopping bags can also be made up of fabrics or canvases. Bags made up of this material are reusable and washable. Giving the shopping bags a longer life span than single-use plastic bags. This material is also eco-friendly because fabrics and canvases are biodegradable.


Plastic is the most used material for shopping bags. This material is used for single-use shopping bags and premium-quality plastics are used for reusable shopping bags. With its wide application in shopping bag manufacturing, plastic made more innovative features for bag applications like weather-proofing and resistance to other environmental factors.

Recycled PET

Recycled PET is a material that comes from plastic bottles. This material is recycled plastic commonly used by companies and manufacturing units with access to this technology. Recycled PET is used in reusable shopping bags because of its durability and long life span.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Shopping Bags for your Business

Here are some of the things to consider when choosing shopping bags for your business:


Shopping bags are often cheap, but the price changes depending on the type of customization you want. Choosing a cost-effective shopping bag will boost your business. Just keep in mind that the manufacturer often has a minimum and maximum quantity for every bulk order.


Material is one of the main factors to consider in choosing your business’ shopping bag. Make sure that the material that will be used in your shopping bag is applicable to your product, branding, and audience.

Branding & Color

Selecting your shopping bag’s color is also a factor to consider. Because if you are targeting an audience that will reuse your shopping bag, you should consider overlooking it. Also, branding is important to every business so make sure that your shopping bag will come up with a great look with your branding in it. Make sure these two factors come in place when considering using a shopping bag as one of your marketing assets. Look for a manufacturer that will give you the customization you like for your shopping bag.

Zipper, Pockets, & Handles

Aside from branding and color, parts also come with the customization you like for your shopping bags. Zippers, pockets and handles are options that you would want to place in your shopping bags because it will add functionality and convenience for your consumers.

Things to Consider When Choosing Shopping Bags Manufacturer

The decision to choose the right shopping bag manufacturer will greatly affect your overall business outcome. Here are some of the main factors to consider when choosing your shopping bag manufacturer:


Bag manufacturers must offer their bag capacity report. A report that will give you the initial information about their shopping bags. It must contain the specified weight the shopping bag can hold. This test is also performed several times to confirm the accuracy. Capacity also equates to size.

Dynamic Test

The dynamic test determines the weight the bags can withstand. This tests the durability of the shopping bags. Make sure the shopping bag you are about to buy is strong enough to hold your business products.

Toxin Text

A toxin test is also an important test result to ask your manufacturer/supplier. This test will give you ease of mind if your shopping bag has dangerous contents. It is important to know the percentage of elements your shopping bag contains.


Shopping bags have become one of the main marketing assets and collateral of small to big businesses. Given its wide circulation in the market gives exponential growth to its demand. Nowadays, companies are promoting their products through innovative marketing campaigns and materials. As companies target the commercial segment of custom shopping bags for their clients, it will continually grow in years to come.

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