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FastPack also offers a flower box manufacturer with over a few years of involvement. We make its products from high-quality, maintainable cardboard, premium paper, velvet materials, and a few consumables created by the leading manufacturers.

A flower box manufacturers could be a sort of holder within the shape of a grower or box that’s, as a rule, put outside and utilized for displaying live plants and flowers. Still, they may too use it for developing herbs or other consumable plants.

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Explore All Custom Flower Box Styles

Custom flower boxes are a particular way of gifting flowers in a lovely remembrance box! Each is filled with new blooms and can be custom fitted for your uncommon somebody. Flowers allow individuals to cheer, trust, and particularly associate with their companions and cherished ones. Say you’re considering them through flowers.
fruits flower box

Fruits flower box

gift box

Flower gift box

rigid boxes

Rigid boxes

kraft boxes

Flower kraft boxes

round flower boxes

Round flower Boxes

square flower boxes

Square flower boxes

Get Custom Flower to box the way you like

Types of a flower box

Flower box comes in different types and styles depending on your taste and preferred location to place to. Our flower boxes can be categorized as indoor and window-type flower boxes.
Wooden flower box
Ceramic flower box
Plastic / Resin flower box
Terracotta flower box

Core benefits of flower boxes

The benefits of flower boxes have been broadly recognized for a long time, and nowadays, the requirement for the artsy, however utilitarian design of modern open-air planters proceeds to flourish. There are numerous benefits to the grower; here are four incredible benefits of modern flower boxes.
Variety Galore
Keep Invasive plants contained
Plants made portable
Self-watering saves water and time

Materials used in flower boxes

There’s an entire range of planter materials on the market. FastPack produces premium-quality flower boxes with high-grade materials. We produce custom-fitted planter boxes with the most advanced technology and production process. With FastPack’s flower boxes you surely have:
Top-notch quality flower box
Made up of high-grade materials
Custom Fitted
Cost-effective price
Make Business Easy
Give your customers wider choices of premium-quality flower boxes. With our broad run of designs, you’ll unquestionably discover something made fair for your consumers. Boost your sales and demand with these finest flower boxes in the industry.

Why choose us

Flower box company features a wide cluster of colors, making it simple to coordinate the color conspire of a blossom course of action or the topic of a whole occasion. Made of earth-friendly materials, you can reuse flower boxes, so you’ll feel great around reusing your flower boxes rather than letting them collect tidily for ages to come.
on-time production

On-time production

We know each issue that might emerge amid generation planning and how to settle it. Subsequently, we make, beyond any doubt, convey items to your hand on the plan.

Low Rates

Low Rates

We have manufacturies worldwide, and reasonably utilize and send the esteem of labor assets in each put to get better and more competitive costs.

One stop solution

One stop solution

FastPack is your one-stop solution for each bundling need. We are the foremost favored company when it comes to flower boxes. We offer custom flower boxes wholesale and make your dream boxes into substantial boxes.

Quality Control

Quality Control

All inspectors have quality control certifications! Training and Testing from ISO 9001 and supplier quality framework! We guarantee excellent quality and safety for your items. Quality is our fundamental approach.

High-Quality Innovation

High-Quality Innovation

Make strides or make items and generation innovation and prepare to assist fulfill client needs or open up modern markets.

Process Management

Process Management

The key to making strides in the proficiency of an undertaking is the method, and the realization of handle management requires changing a few propensities of conventional management.

Application of Custom Flower Box

Indoor window flower box

Outdoor window flower box

Shelf ornament

Restaurant tabletop

Dining tabletop / Centerpiece

Buffet centerpiece

Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

FastPack is committed to making the most noteworthy quality flowers, plants, and gifts accessible at the most attractive cost. We also offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we’ll cheerfully supplant it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to common questions around flower box; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

We accept credit cards, bank-to-bank transfers, and Paypal transactions.

Please take some time to browse our product selection. We’ve organized them into categories for more straightforward navigation. Check out and place your preferred paper wine bags in the cart for delivery!

Boxed flowers ought to last a week, deliver or take a day or two, depending on their level of care. Check in case the flower foam is damp or moist every day. On the off chance that the foam dries out, it is less likely to require up water once more, so attempt to keep flower foam damp at all times.
Select high-quality preparing soil for your grower box; do not utilize cultivated soil. Preparing the ground is sterile, free from weed seeds and illnesses, and mixed with a fabric such as pumice or perlite to supply significant waste.
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