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Fast Pack Supply is a gift box manufacturer that produces stunning gift boxes for different industries, including cosmetics and perfume packaging, sugar box packages, chocolate box packages, cosmetic packaging designs, and more. Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise mean our team can offer various packing solutions with a wide range of high-quality material options to suit your products.
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Explore All Custom Gift Box Styles

Explore all of our custom gift box styles. Make your gift stand out while keeping it safe. Custom designer boxes are available in sizes and styles to fit virtually any occasion!
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Custom Magnet Boxes

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Sliding boxes

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Get a Gift Box The Way You Like

Optional printing process

The printing process is one of the most popular methods of customization. The process can be done in such a way that the pattern or the photo printed on the gift box can be seen from the outside. For example, you can print the name of your company or product logo on your product packaging boxes.
Personalized Gift Box
Attractive and Eye-Catching Packaging
Budget Friendly
Marketing and Promotional Purposes

Optional internal structure

Whatever you want and need to integrate into your gift box, you can do so. With our help, you can customize the internal structure of your gift box. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors that work best with the design of your packaging boxes.
Increase Longevity
Safe Transport
Improved Security and Protection

Multiple choice of accessories

At Fast Pack Supply, you can choose from a variety of accessories to further improve the aesthetics and functionality of your gift box. This includes ribbons, bows, tissue paper, and other decorative materials that can be used to make your packaging more attractive. We also offer customized packaging boxes with a variety of optional features such as handles and straps for easy transport.
Better Aesthetics
Clean and Professional Look
Improved Over-all appearance
Infinite Customization
Make Business Easy
If you want to impress someone with your gift, choosing custom-made gifts from Fast Pack Supply is better than buying them from any store because these boxes will catch their attention. Get a quote from one of the best custom gift box manufacturers today!

Why choose us

Fast Pack Supply is the perfect place to go if you are searching for wholesale gift boxes near me. As a leading gift box manufacturer, we provide virtually everything you need from the best custom-made packaging. We offer an extensive range of products, from gift boxes to tissue paper and packing tape. You can also get custom-made boxes at our online store!
Customizable Design

We create custom gift boxes

We know what makes a great-looking, functional box for your gift because we've been in the business for years.

Competitive Prices

We create them on a budget

You don't have to pay extra for services like customer support or high-end packaging materials because we handle those things in-house.

Hassle-free logistics

We ship them fast

When you put in your order, we will print, assemble, and ship them as fast as possible!

Quality Production

We are reliable

We are reliable because we will meet the deadline you set when you purchase our services.

Sturdy and High-end

We are trustworthy

We can also be trusted to deliver good results because we have a long history of good quality products and services.


We provide good results

We're so passionate about what we do and why it's so important that our customers trust us with their most valuable asset.

Applications of Custom Gift Boxes

Promotional Materials

Gift Giving

Trade Shows & Exhibits




Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

As one of the leading wholesale gift box suppliers in the market, Fast Pack Supply has built a reputation as a reliable wholesale gift box supplier. We deliver high-quality products, and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have been trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide to help them achieve their goals, whether it’s increasing sales or brand recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to common questions around gift boxes; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Choose a company with good experience and excellent customer service, and when selecting one of these companies, make sure that they have testimonials from genuine customers.
The best way is that you should use our customized gift packaging to pack your valuable gifts like clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other valuables. Customized packaging can prevent damage during shipping and provides maximum protection for your items in transit.
Our gift boxes are created using only the finest materials. The bows, ribbons, and gift boxes we use for our gifts are of the highest quality and will impress your customers.
Yes, you can. We have a professional team who can design your custom gift box based on your ideas or pictures. Also, we can make unique artwork for you, which is also an excellent way to make things more personalized for you and your friends.
No, the custom gift box price is not based on the size. The cost of the custom gift box is based on the design and material you need.
The time will vary depending on your chosen products and how many items you need to customize. We usually ship orders within 5-7 working days after receiving payment.
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