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As a kraft paper bag manufacturing company, FastPack guarantees that we offer our clients the highest value for cash. This comes about in a circumstance of belief for our clients aside from creating positive commerce connections that make them very fulfilled, driving to high levels of rehash clients and referrals.

Kraft paper bags are made of standard brown paper bags, which have a fabric made of wood mash created during the Kraft process. Kraft paper isn’t faded, which implies it may be a triple danger – biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable! No, ponder, they’re such an extraordinary elective to plastic.

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Custom kraft paper bags are eco-friendly and make a vogue appearance. This is often particularly so when matched with diverse design choices, specialized full-color printing, and unique paper handles. These bags can be made in various selections, sizes, and styles. Select from characteristic kraft papers, full-color printing, or coordinating custom ink colors.

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SOS Kraft bags

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Kraft paper bags

Kraft Paper Bags

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If you’re in the market for paper shopping bags or have ever pondered, “Where can I purchase kraft paper bags?” From tiny paper bags to paper tote bags, we’ve got what you wish. Please browse through our choice of paper bags, kraft paper bags, paper wine bags, takeaway paper bags, and more today.

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Kraft paper bags manufacturers are one of the packaging utilized by numerous undertakings due to their comfort and neighborliness. Kraft bags are used not as were within the brand personality but as show bags or shopping bags at stores, shopping malls, shows, and celebrations.

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Client fulfillment, on-time delivery, and extraordinary benefit are our corporate targets. Our kraft paper bags manufacturing are well known within the divisions of perfume, clothing, boutique brand retailers, restaurants, wine businesses, and book, card, stationery, and souvenir stores.

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We have our possess blown film workshop, which can control the fetched of the item to an expansive degree so that the client can get a considerable benefit edge.

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Our mission is to supply one-stop adaptable packaging items and solutions no matter what industry you're in. We will offer assistance in interpreting your packaging thought from plan to reality and fabricating it cost-effectively.

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Our renewable Kraft paper is made of essential filaments from well-managed forests.



Our Kraft paper's strong printability makes the bags appealing and transforms them into a cost-effective promotion.



Our Kraft paper is durable, well-suited for conversion, and powerful. It makes efficient filling possible in complicated, lengthy handling chains.

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Types of Kraft Paper Bags

Whereas kraft paper has customarily been utilized for creation, school projects, and wrapping nourishment, it’s becoming a more common installation within the packaging world. A thick brown paper that’s moreover exceptionally durable, numerous businesses are presently seeing the benefits of utilizing kraft paper for bundling.

Strong and sturdy kraft paper
Certified Paper
Water Soluble

Different Printing Processes for Kraft Paper Bags

The design of the kraft paper bag ought to consider whether it is appealing and whether the printing handle is exquisite. People these days pay consideration to secure the environment, ought to consider natural protection issues, and attempt their best to extend the recurrence of the utilization of kraft paper. Subsequently, the quality of the kraft paper is additionally exceptionally critical.

Reuse Material
Environmentally friendly

Optional Printing Techniques on Kraft Paper Bags

The materials we utilize are made from 100% reused fiber, most of which is a ‘low grade’ mechanical squander, such as cardboard. The fabricating techniques are free of chlorine, and the resultant papers are a material, bulky brown paper, and board with an ‘organic’ feel and inclusions.

Quality visual effect
Good hand feeling
Eco-friendly and biodegradable ability
The toughness or good standing effect

Optional Handles, Materials, and Styles

Kraft Paper Bags are planned with comfortable turned handles and a paper thickness making them inconceivably challenging. We selected reused Kraft paper since it may be a compelling post-consumer fabric, minimizing squandering and expanding vitality effectiveness.

Premium Quality
Lightweight and Strong
Biodegradable Non-toxic

Optional Coatings

An environmentally-friendly elective to waxed or bituminized paper-coated kraft paper is a perfect wrapping paper because it molds nicely to the shape of bundled merchandise. It has sealable, waterproof packaging for sending out products. It can be utilized as a lean, lightweight dampness obstruction.

100% Recyclable
High-quality kraft paper
Easily to carry
UV coating kraft paper bag
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FastPack combines inventive fabric design with a business show that’s responsible and economical to form a genuinely regenerative brand that makes items that are as safe and solid for individuals as they are for the environment. We’ll direct you through the design preparation to guarantee that your custom shopping bags or other bundling products you get surpass your desires.

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Below you’ll find answers to common questions around folding cartons; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to common questions around folding cartons; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Kraft paper bags manufacturer is a more eco-friendly and feasible substitute to plastic bags. Utilize this to wrap little things for shipping for an included layer of assurance.

Please take some time to browse our product selection. We’ve organized them into categories for more straightforward navigation. Check out and place your preferred paper wine bags in the cart for delivery!

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Kraft paper packaging supplies. The truth that it’s lightweight while still being, to some degree, robust implies that it can keep the substance of a box secure from whipping around the interior. Being solid, the kraft paper could be an extraordinary expansion to your packaging supplies, but it’s too remarkable at wrapping items to ensure them.

Kraft paper usually is biodegradable: like a tree clears out, the article breaks down into cellulose strands generally in a few weeks. The environment can retain itself without any impact on the environment or human well-being. Certain businesses make utilize of composting their characteristic Kraft paper packaging.

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