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Paper towel tubes are alluded to as cardboard tubes, and these hollow cylinders are made from wood mash bases like paperboard, kraft paper, fiberboard, and paper roll composites.

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Custom paper towel tubes are vital because these can easily be molded into custom shapes, sizes, styles, and plans, depending on the prerequisite.
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Tissue Roll

paper core for Paper towel roll

Paper towel roll

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Get your custom paper towel tube at FastPack. Your clients will cherish them! With our colossal assurance of plans and formats made for you by our around-the-world community of producers, we are certain merely will find the correct bespoke paper towel tubes for you!

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Paper towel tubes characterize brand personalities, make engaging client experiences and overhaul the quality of things and the quality of life for each person worldwide.
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With our sales and tech support, and tremendous after-sales advantage, we'll be your best 24/7 paper towel tube assistant, worldwide. It would be ideal if you could contact us anytime.

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FastPack also offers a ground scale for all services. We are endeavoring to find ways to spare our client's stores without coming to terms with premises or ease and offer markdowns for immense orders.

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FastPack offers a one-stop arrangement for your needs. From complex to essential paper items, we got you secured. We have many services, including counting structures and paper towel tubes.

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Advantages of Our Paper Towel Tube

For some great reasons, paper towel tube is becoming more prevalent with clients. We offer you distinctive sizes and statures for our paper towel tubes that are profitable for operational and advancing needs.

Environmental care

With expanding awareness of plastic contamination and environment assurance over the globe, clients tend to live a green way of life, counting their obtaining behaviors.

Convenient for customers

Natural Paper Towel Tube

This character guarantees its exceptionally secure – characteristic and non-toxic. Usually genuinely imperative if the bundle is to house items like a foodstuff. You shouldn't stress the plastics or metal eroding, poisoning the bundled substance.

Safe and Durable


As layers of cardboard spirally wind tubes, it is strong, durable, and physically unbreakable. The customized thick cardboard paper towel tube divider offers premium assurance.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Light-weighted and Space-saving

Compared to wood, glass, and metal, paper is moderately light-weighted. The tube fits these items fairly, which would certainly spare you a parcel of in-store capacity space and shipping costs.


Competitive price

The preeminent included advantage of a paper towel tube is the competitive price. It is the cheapest technique among another elective bundling.

High Customization

Fully customizable

Paper towel tube crafts are exceptionally adaptable in this respect – its customizable in measurement, fashion, value-added wraps up, and moderately low arrange least for custom craftsmanship printing.

Get custom Paper Towel Tube the way you like

Optional types of Paper Towel Tube

Can develop paper towel tubes or cores from one, two, or numerous brown kraft paper or paperboard handles. The technical article and materials can give water resistance, illustrations or labeling, or a particular color.

Benefits of Paper Towel Tube

Paper towel tubes could be a much better elective than plastic tubes, as their paper fabric does not contain any destructive chemicals that we know come from plastic generation.
High-quality of paper

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