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FastPack has developed to become one of the driving providers of Rigid Boxes to numerous companies over the nation. We accept incredible things begin with humble beginnings. Our Rigid Box manufacturing office is one of those astonishing dream ventures. Rigid boxes are strong paper-based boxes comprising high-thickness (regularly 2-3mm) chipboard, wrapped by embellishing forte paper. They are commonly considered set-up boxes, gift boxes, and premium bundling.
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Explore All Custom Rigid Box Styles

These custom rigid boxes are known as extravagance boxes due to their utilization within the bundling of luxury items. These boxes are exceptionally well known for the conveyance of extravagant things. They are built to back any push or stun as the fabric interior is delicate and highly costly.
Magnetic Closure Boxes

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Collapsible foldable

Collapsible / foldable

Flop top magnetic lock

Flip top magnetic lock

Lift-off Detachable lid

Lift-off / Detachable lid

Partial cover

Partial cover

Shoulder Neck

Shoulder / Neck

Hinged Flip lid

Hinged / Flip lid

Book style rigid box

Book style rigid box

Match slide style

Match/slide style

Round shaped

Round shaped

Custom shaped

Custom shaped

Get Custom Rigid Box the way you like

Types of Rigid Box

A rigid box is one of the common types of packaging that is associated with all kinds of consumables. It is stated that rigid boxes are typically four times thicker than an average folding carton and are used with luxury products. Below are the different types of rigid boxes we offer and can perfectly customize them depending on your need and specifications.
Top and Bottom Rigid Box
Flat Fold Rigid Box
Flap Open rigid Box
Raphe style Rigid Box
Drawer Style Rigid Box

Core benefits of Rigid Box

As compared to regular folding boxes and other rigid box brands, our rigid box has significant advantages such as:
More durable, both in looks and material
Could have a magnetic closure without the magnet being visible
Has a fine and smooth outer surface
Radiates quality and gives an extra sense of quality to the product
Has beautiful and fine edges

Common materials used in Rigid Box

Rigid boxes come in different types, shapes, and formats depending on application and usage. A variety of striking structural formats of rigid boxes require different materials. Below are the common materials used in rigid boxes.
Exotic Foil
Paper-Backed Fabric
Metal Sheets
Texturized Paper
Overlaid Paper Board
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Over 5000+ companies believe FastPack is their choice for custom packaging and bundling services. Whether you’re trying to find a custom packaging producer or proficient plan services, we offer assistance to fathom it all!

Why choose us

We are a leading brand within the high-quality packaging box industry that works for its clients’ most extreme victory rate. We have assembled a group of incredibly prepared experts who will give top-notch packaging fabric for the conveyance of your item.
Best Prices

Best Prices

If you don’t have a considerable budget at that point, don’t stress since FastPack is not as it were. Lookout for the best quality but one of the only prudent rigid box services, which gives the cheapest boxes with quality confirmation.

Variety of Choices

Variety of Choices

We offer high-end custom boxes of all sorts and colors made up of diverse materials, including cardboard, intense rough materials, paperboard, or lean well-processed Kraft Paper packaging, which not as it keeps your item secure but moreover keeps it new and up to the check.

Sturdy and High-end

Sturdy and High-end

Thick, solid, and rigid boxes keep your items safe and secure. Match it with a custom box embed for a raised unboxing encounter.

Quality Production

Quality Production

We are working with a organize of suppliers in China to create the most elevated quality packaging at low rates.


Manufacturing Excellence

Our worldwide packaging capabilities permit us to fabricate at the highest industry standard, resulting in better costs and quality.

Hassle-free logistics

Hassle-free logistics

Deliver it to your office, home, or your fulfillment center. No issue. Please sit back and let us oversee your conveyances.

Application of Custom Rigid Box

Jewelry packaging

Garments Packaging

Gift Box

Retails stores

Candle boxes

Cosmetics boxes

Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

FastPack has made a difference and bolstered thousands of businesses worldwide to accomplish great packaging through our specialized custom packaging arrangement. We do our best to assist our clients in going over and past and surpassing desires that eventually awe their clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to common questions around rigid boxes; however, if you need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help!

Rigid boxes are strong paper-based boxes comprising high-thickness (regularly 2-3mm) chipboard, wrapped by embellishing forte paper.

Rigid boxes begin called chipboard (or greyboard or plain board) which is just like the color of daily paper (there’s moreover an alternative for colored chipboard that will deliver color to the interior of the box)—cutting and scoring kicks the bucket are utilized to cut the chipboard to its adjusted shape and measure.
Please take some time to browse our product selection. We’ve organized them into categories for more straightforward navigation. Check out and place your preferred paper wine bags in the cart for delivery!
We are accepting credit cards, bank-to-bank transfers, and Paypal transactions.
Rigid boxes are durable paper-based boxes comprising high-thickness (frequently 2-3mm) chipboard, wrapped by enriching strength paper. They are too commonly alluded to as set-up boxes, gift-boxes, and premium packaging.
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