Top Recycled Paper Manufacturers of 2023

Are you looking for Recycled Paper Manufacturers? Do you know where recycled paper is made? Are you seeking the top recycled paper producers to buy from in 2023? Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the market for recycled paper, and numerous reputable manufacturers provide high-quality boards to meet this demand. For your convenience, we have created a list of the top Recycled Paper manufacturing firms so you can quickly locate what you require.

Best Recycled Paper Manufacturers of 2023

Recycled Paper Market Overview

Paper recycling is becoming a crucial constituent of advanced life due to ever-expanding urbanization besides a surge in proficiency rates as the center course populace rises within the creating economies. Recycled paper is picking up footing owing to the expanding concern over exhausting natural assets. More than 35% of the paper raw fabric request within the nations are satisfied by the recouped paper. Recycling paper is not as it spared increasingly common assets but to spare parts of fabricating costs.

Leading Manufacturers of Recycled Paper

Here are a few top recycled paper manufacturers you can choose from. Additionally, given the small details like their list of items for inspiration, assist:

Koehler Recycled Paper

Koehler Paper can see back on 210 a long time of company history. With a turnover of around €1 billion, it is presently one of the few free, family-owned German companies within the recycled paper industry. At our central command in Oberkirch and our plants in Kehl, Greiz, and Weisenbach, around 2,500 individuals create over 500,000 tons of strength paper and board each year for worldwide advertising utilizing the latest technology. And it may be a commercial victory.

Koehler Paper Official Website:

Koehler Recycled Paper:

About Koehler Paper:

Koehler Paper Sustainability:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Koehler Paper1807USAUdo Hollbach

Atlantic Recycled Paper

One of the oldest and most reputable family-owned suppliers of janitorial, support, and security products in southern New England is Atlantic Paper & Supply. Based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, they have been the go-to asset for hundreds of trade clients since 1948. Their progressing victory is inferable to the reality that they are almost the same things you are, rapidly supplying you with quality items at the finest price. They have built their notoriety on giving their clients award-winning personalized benefits and take incredible pride in dealing with all trade exchanges with genuineness and astuteness.

Atlantic Paper and Supply Official Website:

Atlantic Recycled Paper:

About Atlantic Paper and Supply:

Atlantic Paper and Supply Industrial packaging:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Atlantic Packaging Products Limited1945USAAbraham Granovsky

American Eagle Recycled Paper

American Eagle Paper Mills serves as the backbone of the town of Tyrone and its encompassing community. Built within the 1880s, the process worked coterminously until 2001, when its previous proprietor, MeadWestvaco, suddenly ceased operations at the office. Occupations were misplaced. Families were crushed. American Eagle Paper Plants produces roughly 300 tons of recycled paper items daily. That’s identical to changing over 15 truckloads of paper waste into premium printing, composing, and strength papers. The process utilizes 240 individuals, up over 40% from the startup in 2003.

American Eagle Paper Official Website:

American Eagle Recycled Paper:

About American Eagle Paper:

American Eagle Paper Other Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
American Eagle Paper Mills1881USAMichael Grimm

Greenfield Recycled Paper

Making paper with a reason since 1992, we have looked at the USA for the original ecologically neighborly fixings for our premium quality papers. They start within the convention of the primary American paper plants by recycling material scraps and non-agricultural buildups, utilizing as it were non-wood strands to create their genuinely one-of-a-kind papers while saving trees. Green Field Paper Company offers three exclusive lines of inventive recycled papers that coordinate post-consumer mash with non-traditional added substances such as seeds, hemp, coffee chaff, denim, garbage mail, and garlic skins! Each form is imbued with magnificence and maintainability and encompasses unmistakable material character. All their eco-friendly paper is made in the USA, and we don’t utilize any colors or dye in their form.

Green Field Paper Official Website:

Greenfield Recycled Paper:

About Green Field Paper:

Greenfield Paper Other Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Green Field Paper Company2005USAJeff Lindenthal

VPK Recycled Paper Group

The VPK Group’s paper subsidiary, VPK Paper, is situated in Belgian. Their recycled paper generates a broad run of packaging items, counting folded packaging, strong board packaging, and centers. Integration of the fabric supply and the fabrication of wrapped-up things offers unique focal points in combining item and fabric ability. Moreover, this integration has significantly contributed to the long-term economic development of the company.

VPK Paper Official Website:

VPK Recycled Paper:

About VPK Paper:

VPK Paper Other Products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
VPK1935USAPierre Macharis

Hanna Recycled Paper

Hanna Paper was established in 1977 on Hanna Road in Toronto, Canada. They have since become North America’s biggest tall review paper recycling company. They handle over 400,000 tons of paper every year. Hanna Paper Recycling is the biggest high-review paper recycling company in North America. They operate over 400,000 tons of writing yearly and have been helping their clients to create the most extreme esteem for their squandered paper since 1977.

Hanna Paper Official Website:

Hanna Recycled Paper:

About Hanna Paper:

Hanna Paper Services:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Hanna Paper
USAHanna Andersson

AAR PEE Recycled Paper

They built up Aar Pee Industry within the year 2011. It is found in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They deal in high-quality handmade paper and carefully assembled paper items. They have encountered more than five a long time within the industry, which makes it a rumored substance within the paper industry. They are guided by a set of quality control approaches received by their management. They are supported by quality control specialists who keep the tab different subjective perspectives of the company.

Aar Pee Industry Official Website:

AAR PEE Recycled Paper:

About Aar Pee Industry:

Aar Pee Industry Other products:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Aar Pee Paper Industry2011IndiaShreehas Tambe

Arjowiggins Graphic Recycled Paper

Arjowiggins Graphic is the division that brings together recycled, coated and uncoated papers beneath one roof. Its fundamental objective is to advance recycled, eco-responsible, and inventive papers that offer clients unequaled quality and execution. This extension of eco-responsible forms, fabricated for the central portion with recycled fibers, is the biggest within the European market. Arjowiggins Graphic offers a run of eco-responsible, high-quality, and profoundly specialized papers in terms of whiteness and printability. In 2009 Arjowiggins Graphic was the primary European paper manufacturer to dispatch a 100% recycled.

Arjowiggins Graphic Official Website:

Arjowiggins Graphic Recycled Paper:

About Arjowiggins Graphic:

Arjowiggins Graphic Other Papers:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Arjowiggins Graphic1993FranceArjo Wiggins

Green Stationery Recycled Paper

The Green Stationery Company chooses items that are naturally kind or have natural preferences over the standard stationery counterparts. They point to preserving feasible trade hones inside a culture that regards all life, respects its interdependency, and eases their customers’ way to an advanced, low-impact office. They have a one-of-a-kind run of items; there is not a standard office stationer that fair highlights a few recycled paper items and broadcasts themselves “Green.” They also make themselves within the UK and purport unusual or imaginative green items from like-minded companies within the EU. We stock a broad run of papers made from unordinary filaments, counting reused brown kraft, colored, finished, and watermarked papers. They supply long-life items built to final and excellent economical wood office embellishments.

Green Stationery Company Official Website:

Green Stationery Recycled Paper:

About Green Stationery Company:

Green Stationery Company Packing Materials:–1

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Green Stationery Company1989United KingdomSteve Baker

M.W White Recycled Paper

M.W White offers its clients over three eras of involvement within the waste management industry. All the essential information our company has gotten over a long time is passed down to their committed staff. This implies that their approach has, as of now, stood the test of time. At M.W White, their system is in adherence to the Waste Progression. This implies that they begin with avoidance, working with companies to recognize ways in which they create unnecessary waste. This, at that point, moves into reuse and recycling, where the bulk of their services come into play. Their holders shift significantly in the estimate and suitable materials, so their clients are not given any assets that are not of utilize to them. At last, once all the user has been disengaged from waste materials, they can utilize their across-the-nation haulage services to transport and arrange the remaining matter.

M.W White Official Website:

M.W White Recycled Paper:

About M.W White:

M.W White Recyclable Materials:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
M.W White Limited2005NorwichPaul White

Nova Tissue Recycled Paper

Nova Tissue is an autonomous UK manufacturer based in the North West of Britain with more than 30 years encounter in paper changing over. They practice reasonable, quality, eco-friendly items, extreme advertising comfort, and unwavering quality to residential and commercial clients. Their involvement and understanding of the advertising permit them to convey the best quality and esteem, and they take extraordinary care all through their fabricating handle to guarantee the most elevated measures, utilizing unadulterated virgin fiber in their can tissue items for preeminent delicateness and extraordinarily holding their kitchen towel items for additional thickness and retentiveness.

Nova Tissue Official Website:

Nova Tissue Recycled Paper:

About Nova Tissue:

Nova Tissue Shops:

Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Nova Tissue1984United KingodmKhurram Iqbal

What is a Recycled Paper

Recycled paper is paper that’s reconstituted into paper again. The most excellent paper to be utilized is 100% post-consumer recycled paper made from paper scrap that can not use for its aiming reason by the buyer, which is reprocessed into paper once more. Ordinarily, the faulty paper within the process is put back through the process, or the slurry is recycled. To be veritable reused paper, it must be 100% post-consumer recycled made from paper that has cleared out the process and is being utilized for a reason and is incapable of using for its common sense anymore.

Benefits of a Recycled Paper

Recycling paper preserves common resources, saves energy, decreases greenhouse gas outflows, and keeps landfill space free for other sorts of junk that can’t be reused.


Energy saving

Paper delivered from recycled paper speaks to a vitality sparing of 70%compared to the energy required to create form from wood or virgin strands.

Reduction of the raw material consumed

The comparable 12 trees are spared in wood for each ton of recycled paper. Other sources demonstrate 17 trees and indeed.

Saving resources

Reusing may well provide the paper-cardboard industry with nearly 69% of the assets it needs.

Water saving

Recycling paper spares 80% of water compared to generation from virgin fiber.

Improved air and water quality

Paper recycling constitutes a 74% diminishment in gas outflows and a 35% lessening in water-contaminating emanations.

Paper Recycling Process

The method is the same whether you recycle your paper or paper on a mechanical scale. In any case, steps may be included or excluded in some instances, depending on the quality of the recouped paper, with a thin, lightweight daily form requiring fewer steps than thick cardboard boxes.

Step 1: Collection

The method of reusing paper starts with personal clients (homes, businesses, colleges, mechanical producers) that collect and store paper squandered in bins. Recyclers and paper dealers collect this paper and combine it together in a huge reusing holder.

Step 2: Sorting and transportation

After collection, the paper is measured and evaluated for quality. Squander paper with comparative rates is combined since they have close sums of fiber that can disengage from the pulp. The form is, at that point, pulled to the paper process of reusing offices. Upon entry at the reusing office, the paper’s amount and quality (cleanliness and sort) are measured, and a buy contract is issued to the recycler.

Step 3: Shredding and pulping

After sorting, the paper is shredded to reduce the material to tiny pieces. A sizable amount of water is added after the material has been finely shredded to break down and separate the paper fibers. These chemicals include hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, and sodium silicate.

Step 4: Floatation tank / de-inking

After evacuating more significant contaminants, the mash is included in a buoyancy tank where chemicals and discuss bubbles evacuate colors and inks to upgrade the virtue and whiteness of the item.

Step 5: Drying/finishing for reuse

A product comprised of 50% water and 50% fiber is produced by passing the pulp over rollers that squeeze out extra water or a vibrating machine. To give the paper more strength or smoothness, the pulp can be combined with more virgin wood fiber or used alone.

Things to Consider when Choosing Recycled Paper Manufacturer

Consumers should hunt for a couple of things before choosing a recycling benefit to handle their recyclable materials to create beyond any doubt that they have chosen the most excellent recycling company conceivable. To begin with, it is significant to confirm that a recycling company has gotten recycling certification, showing their information about all things we can recycle.

Recycling certifications matter

About each dependable recycling manufacturer applying for national certification to appear, buyers that their recycling manufacturer is legitimate. The opportunity to be seen as a recycling pioneer, expanded industry information, and irrefutable validity are all recycled paper benefits center getting this certification.

Single-stream recycling is worth consideration

The method that permits recycling manufacturers to combine distinctive sorts of recyclables is called the single-stream recycling strategy. In expansion, single-stream reusing permits recyclable things to be processed and bundled together rather than having two partitioned things like glass recycling, paper recycling, or plastic reusing into their possess canisters or categories.

Companies with recycling violations should be avoided

Choose a recycling manufacturer that hasn’t had any recycling complaints filed against them, according to experts. Companies might receive recycling violations for many different reasons. May impose heavy fines for breaking recycling regulations that have been put in place to encourage skilled recyclers to perform better.


Recycling paper spares vitality and water, diminishes greenhouse gasses, and preserves common assets. The paper industry is one of the biggest vitality clients in the United States. Making reused paper is evaluated to utilize 60 to 70 percent less vitality than making paper from virgin wood mash.

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