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Are you looking for premium-quality laminated paper bags? FastPack has been the leading source of laminated paper bags manufacturer in China. We manufacture strong, durable, and attractive paper bags with an advanced lamination process. Contact us now to learn more about FastPack laminated paper bags!

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As laminated paper bag manufacturers, we consider our paper bags to be blank canvas since they are the greatest and ideal bag that can be laminated in any way. We provide customized laminated paper bags with various handle types, rope, lamination, foiling, embossing, and spot UV to give you the ideal promotion experience in your branding and company.

Valve Bag

HDPE Laminated Paper Bags

Laminated Stitched Paper Bag

Kraft paper laminated bags

PP Laminated Paper Bag

Luxury Laminated Paper Bags

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With over 5000+ companies, FastPack has been a most trusted manufacturer of laminated paper bags. These bags can be custom-made to suit your requirements and promote your brand in the best possible way.

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FastPack laminated bags are perfect for use at shows and exhibitions. So if you are looking for top quality, luxury laminated paper bags, then you can rely on one of China’s leading suppliers of quality laminated bags to fulfill your order to the highest possible standard. For more information on laminated bags, please contact us now!

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We offer precise and responsive communication from time to time and have designed it up to delivery.

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We offer a wide range of laminated paper bags, which allows us to control the cost of the product to a substantial level.

One stop solution

FastPack supplies a one-stop solution adaptable to all products no matter what industry you're in. We offer production, paper lamination, custom printing, shipment, and post-production services.


We have a strong professional team that can create and build products based on client drawings or samples.

Trustful Buying

100% quality assurance, re-place or compensate at once the quality problem occurs.


We have advanced testing equipment in the industry. All employees must be neatly dressed. The inspectors check every product before leaving the factory and are strictly controlled.

Get custom Laminated Paper Bags the way you like

Optional paper types

Our advanced laminated paper bag styles allow us to customize your paper bag requirement. You can share your logo ideas or promotional information, and we will prepare it on the bags for you. Select a preferred size and style of laminated bag.

Kraft Paper
Duplex Paper
White Cardboard
Colored Kraft Paper

Optional printing process & ink

We offer laminated paper bags in many shapes and sizes – all made with the most incredible precision and care for aesthetics. During each implementation, we focus on making the prints, for example, the logo or company name, clear, the colors correct, and the bag look great and solid.

Silver foiling
Gold foiling
Matte and Glossy Lamination
Hot Stamping

Optional printing process

We adhere to advertising bags made of paper that have been offset printed with the customer’s design. Our laminated paper bags should be recognized by those with low-quality prints on completed bags.

Screen Printing
Foil Printing
Flexo printing
Litho printing

Optional handles materials and styles

Handles in laminated bags are made of cotton or polypropylene twine. The printing house offers a wide range of holder colors to choose from. The length of the handles in the bags is standardized, but it is possible to order special-length handles.

Twisted Paper Handle
Flat Paper Handle
Colorless T-lace
Ribbon Handle

Optional coatings

Being one of the most significant laminated paper bags, FastPack supply also premium quality bags. Our laminated bags are widely used for coated packaging of milk cartons, chemicals, food grains, etc. Some stores have also started ordering laminated paper bags for their strength and durability.

Aqueous Coating
UV Coating
Specialty Coating
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If you have any questions, notify us. We will be happy to provide a detailed answer to each of them. We look forward to working with you!

Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

Our laminated bags provide the highest quality paper bags to our customers who rely on us for their paper bag needs. FastPack is one of the best-laminated paper bag manufacturers, delivering a comprehensive selection of laminated paper bags and interacting with hundreds of consumers worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still familiarizing with laminated paper bags? Below are some of the frequently asked questions that might help you.

The laminated paper has a lifespan of five to ten years, depending on the quality of the lamination and the conditions under which it is stored. Laminated paper may persist for decades if properly kept.

Laminated paper bags are an excellent way to market your business, especially if you offer luxury things such as clothing, beauty products, jewelry, decorative items, tech products, and so much more.

We shall be accountable for any customer complaints and wish to assist consumers in resolving any difficulties they encounter.

Production timeframes are determined by the quantity requested. According to our experience, manufacturing laminated paper bags takes around 2-3 weeks after the final design is approved.

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