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Are you ready to use high-quality, customized square-bottom brown paper bags to change your business? FastPack is the leading manufacturer of recycled square bottom paper bags in China. We also made all the types of paper bags as per the customer’s requirements. Contact us for your square bottom paper bags today!

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Explore All Custom Square Bottom Paper Bag Styles

Custom square bottom paper bags are widely used in our daily life, from takeaway bags for food to carry bags for shopping, and our extensive selection includes a paper bag to meet your every requirement. Although it is a flexible package, it can still maintain its shape after the product is packed, making the whole bag look three-dimensional and beautiful. Specifications and sizes are customized.

Brown Biodegradable Square Bottom Bag

Bakery Square Bottom Bag

Flexo Printed Square Bottom Bag

Grocery Square Bottom Bag

Custom Rice Paper Square Bottom Bag

Pharmaceuticals Square Bottom Bag

Make Business Easy

With the most reliable companies worldwide, Fastpack square bottom bags are perfect for holding and carrying a wide variety of products. We can assist you in finding a bespoke package manufacturer or expert design services. We are here to provide you solution accordingly!

Partners you can rely on

FastPack provides high-quality square bottom paper bags with high-quality functionality, precisely what you should expect from us! With the spirit of unity and cooperation, integrity and dedication, scientific management, and independent innovation, we are committed to providing the best packaging solutions for global customers.

Sace Your Time

You may save a lot of time using Fastpack small bottom paper bag service from a bag, selection to manufacture, direct printing, packing, and shipping. Fastpack got you covered!

Sace Your Cost

Color control is appropriately enforced, and the packaging is printed by the design exhibited. You will never have to worry about color reality and will always receive what you paid for.

One stop solution

We offer a one-stop solution that includes design, measurement, production, and after-sales support.

Starting from Low Minimum Quantity

FastPack allows low minimum production orders to be more accommodating to start-ups and small enterprises. One of our corporate principles is to assist businesses in growing.

Quick Turnaround Production Time

We seek to produce your bespoke packaging as quickly as possible because we respect our clients. Fastpack specializes in supplying short-term processes, designing approaches, and an automatic production line.

Custom Size and Style

We also covered package designs, sizes, colors, styles, diverse cardboard materials, and an on-demand packaging design service.

Get custom Square Bottom Paper Bag the way you like

Optional paper types

A paper bag is a small, usually rectangular, or square-shaped bag made of paper. Since they come in all shapes, types, and sizes, one may need clarification. As such, we have taken the time to share some of the best paper bags and their specific uses.

Kraft Paper
Flat Bottom Bags
SOS Bags
Euro Tote Bags

Optional printing process & ink

Ink printing, side gluing, cutting, bottom impressing, bottom gluing, and bottom shaping are all procedures that may be used to create square bottom paper bags. From a basic one-color or two-color print to a photo-realistic printed design, we can help you.

Litho printing
Digital printing
Foil Printing
Flexo printing

Optional printing process

A strong paper bag printing strategy will produce high-quality items at a low cost. Let us use FastPack to scan through the square bottom paper bag printing process below. This may make it easier to decide when printing vast paper bags.

Silk-screen printing bags
Flexographic printing bags
Offset printing paper bags
Hot stamping

Optional handles materials and styles

Square bottom paper bags are made from various materials, including kraft paper. Nordic styles are packed in square bottom paper bags. Purchase several bags appropriate for special occasions such as birthdays and parties.

Rope Handle Bags
Cotton Handles
Twisted Paper Handles
Grosgrain Polyester Handle

Optional coatings

Coatings and films can be applied to provide a gloss/matt surface or to improve frictional and mechanical properties. Open mouth bags with PE Inliner, metalized and aluminum coated plies are supplied for particular barrier characteristics.

Glossy Paper Coating
Matte Paper Coating
Satin Paper Coating
Dull Coated Paper
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To provide better service, get amazing deals by shopping for our square bottom paper bags on our website. Join us to have fun shopping for bags today!

Trusted by 5000+ businesses worldwide

Our square-bottom paper provides top-quality paper bags to our customers who rely on us for their paper bag needs. FastPack is one of the leading-square bottom paper manufacturers. We do our best to assist our clients in going over and past and surpassing desires that eventually inspire their clients!

What our customers say

We work hard to keep our customers happy and are proud to have a consistently high customer service excellence rating of 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still becoming acquainted with square-bottom paper bags? The following are some commonly asked questions that may be useful to you.

Paper bags are manufactured by pressing the paper pulp into flat sheets or rolls. Because these rolls of paper are trimmed to size, they are twice as tall as the finished bag. These cut sheets are then folded and bonded along the two parallel open edges. This may be accomplished by either pushing the glue’s sides together or heating and pressing.

A paper bag is one made of paper, most often kraft paper. Paper bags are frequently used for shopping, packing materials, and sacks. Tote-style paper bags, often used by department shops or as gift bags, can be created from any paper or color. Paper bags may be made from recycled paper, and some municipal ordinances require a certain amount of post-consumer recycled material in bags.

Square bottom paper bags have a wide range of applications, including fast food, gourmet, gift, hardware, pharmaceutical, and so on. Both manufacturers and users can supply it because it is a construction of a practical and disposable container.

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